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November 22, 2013

Amount Raised: $15,363

You many not know how to say it, but you can't help but feel it. Wonderfabtasticalarious! brought whole new meaning to what a School-A- Palooza show can be about, including an opening number that worked in 23 children on stage trying to spell out this indescribable word. Then it was magic tricks and dancing and opera and classical guitar and more! A mime even graced the stage (a first, records indicate). Jan Hirsch and Tara O'Callaghan busted out their best faculty vocal performances, and Chris Jennings and the SAP Super Band rocked the house at the end the show, while a sugar-induced pre-pubescent mosh pit raged on the auditorium floor. It was so much fun we're not sure how to describe it....so we'll have to make up our own word!


Photos by Chris Leary

Photos by Paulina Castro Wolf